Fabian Schlotterbeck


Universität Tübingen
Deutsches Seminar
Wilhelmstr. 50
D-72074 Tübingen
Raum 448
Telefon: +49-(0)7071/29-76740
Fax: +49-(0)7071/29-35280
E-Mail: fabian.schlotterbeckspam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de

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  • Bott, O. & Schlotterbeck, F. (to appear). Turning adults into children: Evidence for resource-based accounts of errors with universal quantification. To appear in Katalin É. Kiss & Tamás Zétényi (eds.) Linguistic and Cognitive Aspects of Quantification. Studies in theoretical psycholinguistics. Springer
  • Schlotterbeck, F. (2017). From truth conditions to processes: how to model the processing difficulty of quantified sentences based on semantic theory. PhD thesis, University of Tübingen. doi:10.15496/publikation-18745
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